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Year 3

This half-term topic for Spring 2 is the Victorians. We will continue reading‘Oliver Twist’ at the start of the term and then move on to ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden.’



Using Oliver Twist and Tom’s Midnight Garden as a guide, we will be learning about and exploring;

  • news reports
  • story boxes
  • graphic novels
  • non- chronological reports
  • poetry





We will be;

  • comparing, adding and subtracting amounts of money
  • solving number and practical problems
  • interpreting and presenting data
  • measuring and comparing length
  • adding and subtracting length
  • solving one step and two step problems
  • building on strategies to solve calculations mentally




Our topic is, animals including humans. We will be learning about;   

  • the purpose of our skeleton
  • naming the bones in the body
  • the purpose of muscles and joints
  • the impact of exercise on our body
  • comparing animals with and without a skeleton

Design and  Technology/Art



We will be;

  • learning about the purpose of a bridge
  • exploring and understanding the structure of different bridges
  • developing design criteria for a bridge
  • constructing a bridge
  • assessing the skills used  and evaluating products





We will be;

  • using timelines to identify key events during the Victorian era
  • learning about the impact of Queen Victoria
  • exploring everyday artefacts
  • learning about inventions
  • researching toys and games, schooling and children at work



We will be;

  • learning musical rhythm and different sounds
  • identifying and understanding musical notes
  • notating a composition
  • performing a composition



We will be learning ;

  • possession and keeping control of a ball
  • how to make progress towards a goal
  • to pass, receive and dribble a ball



We will be learning;

  • how to use simple controls in coding
  • how to make a programmable sequence
  • how to stay safe online
  • search the internet safely
  • to copy and paste relevant information





We will be learning;

  • the symbols of Islam
  • traditions of a Muslim wedding
  • reasons for fasting
  • similarities and differences between other religions






Our British Value this half term is Individual Liberty. We will focus on and discuss the rights of a child.


We will also be learning about;

  • diversity and society
  • groups which make up our community
  • ethnic and religious breakdowns of the local area
  • the consequences of anti-social behaviour




We will be learning;

  • months of the year
  • numbers 13-31
  • days of the week


Here are some ways that you can help your child at home:


  • Visit to help with your child’s homework.
  • Encourage your children to do their homework and hand it on Wednesday (or earlier).
  • Ensure PE kits are in school at all times-black shorts, white t-shirt and plimsolls (no trainers).
  • Read with your child and encourage them to read every evening to help them develop a love of books. Please use the ‘Comprehension Dice’ to discuss the text.
  • Help your child learn the multiplication tables by regularly practising with them at home, in the car or in any spare time you may have.  You can also use Mathletics, Hit the Button and Times Table Rockstars.


If there is any way that you can support our new topic, please let me know.  We would also appreciate it if you have any time to volunteer in class with reading or times table practise.  


Thank you for your ongoing support,


The Year 3 Team


Miss Millwood and Ms Jennings