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Welcome to Northside Primary School

Summer 2, Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers,


We continue with the value of Resilience and this week we focused on thinking things through when completing our work; thinking of different strategies, remaining determined, persevering—not giving up and maintaining positive thinking.


Our Netball Team demonstrated this in bucket loads this week! They had their first match against Moss Hall and won! The score was 12:5! Mr. Vass and Miss Millwood were very proud of not only their netball skills but their sportsmanship and the respect they showed for the losing team. Well done! Read more later in the newsletter. Mr. Vass, Miss Millwood and I are determined to buy a trophy cabinet soon to celebrate all our successes and the way the children are performing so well in sport we may need to make that purchase very soon!


I never cease to be impressed and amazed by our children! The University of Bristol and The University of Edinburgh were very impressive this week when they rehearsed for the virtual Barnet Schools’ Music Festival next week. The University of Bristol performed ‘We are all in this together’ with many children singing solos, Sophia playing the Cello, Adarsh on the keyboard and Tereza on her saxophone! What a talented bunch! The University of Edinburgh performed ‘Blinding Lights’ with many of the children on keyboards. Thank you to Mrs. Goldhill for making it all possible. Follow this link to see it for yourself, well worth a watch.


Although our attendance has dropped slightly this week to 97%, I would still like to praise our children and the whole Northside Team for all their efforts. I received a report this week which showed the national averages for attendance and across England. It is only 89.7% so we are doing very well compared to others! Please keep it up; it is making such a difference to the children’s learning. We are in the process of carrying out this term’s assessments and I know the good attendance will be reflected in the results. On walking around the school and visiting lessons I can see that the children are so committed to their learning and with this growth mindset I know we can start to undo the impact of the pandemic.


This week we had our open day for King’s College, the 2 Year Old Nursery and although we only a few visitors, it was lovely to see the looks of wonder and the sounds of exclamation from the children. They certainly gave our new setting the thumbs up! I am so excited about newest venture and can’t wait for the children to join us in September and for them to experience a Northside education.  Thank you to the whole team that have this possible.


Next week promises to be another exciting week, with French Day on Thursday and Year 6 visiting their new schools. Mrs. Goldhill has planned many enthralling activities and our new chef, Seb, has planned a French menu for the day! Don’t forget to wear red, white and blue!


We are currently looking for two mealtime supervisors to start in September and a part time caretaker to work alongside Ms. Parry. If you are interested or know of someone who might be more details can be found on our website.

Have a wonderful weekend and fingers crossed for anther win for England!
Mrs. Longworth