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Nursery: University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

 Welcome to Northside Nursery - University of Oxford & University of Cambridge!

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Hello Nursery,


We are looking forward to seeing the nursery children. Remember, if you are not planning on sending your child back to nursery, you need to call the school to let us know like you normally would.


I will not be providing daily home learning activities. However, I will create one more document with some fun activities and you can email the nursery if you need support or ideas for your child. 


Stay safe & keep smiling smiley


Mrs Mulvihill-Ellis, Mrs Jetha, Mrs Speight, Mr Vass and Ms Matsu

Nursery Class Blog 


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Story of the Week - Ruby's Worry

This is a lovely story about a little girl called Ruby. She has a lot of worries, that grow bigger and bigger inside her. One day she realises by sharing her worries with a friend or adult, her worries do not feel as big. I'm sure many of your children have worries at the moment. This is a nice way of talking to your children about their worries. Remind them to always talk about how they are feeling. This applies to us adults too.

Tapestry for parents/relatives: How to add an observation/Photo

This video runs through how as a parent or relative on Tapestry you can add your own observations of your children.



Phonics is the teaching and learning of letters (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes). This will enable your child to be able to read and write. I am going to upload information, ideas and links to help you support your childs phonic development. 

Nursery Writing Expectations

Early Years Foundation Stage - Age Expectations