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Nursery: University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

 Welcome to the Northside Nursery - University of Oxford & University of Cambridge!

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Happy Fun Day Friday, 


The nursery staff wish you all a lovely Easter break. Make sure you do your Easter egg hunt and if you're lucky, eat lots of yummy treats. But not too many smiley


Keep uploading all the lovely things you have been doing with your child. Please do not feel like you have to do all the tasks I have set over the last 2 weeks. Choose the activities that is manageable for you to achieve. 


I will start emailing those parents who haven't uploaded anything yet. To check in and make sure all is ok. 


If you are still unsure of how to upload photos, please watch the YouTube clip below. The nursery class email has now been setup properly for me to receive any questions or concerns you may have. 


Finally, with all the junk you have been collecting over the week, I have added a page of different ideas of what you could do with it all (In the Home Learning section). Your child may want to create their own structure or toy. They could also choose something I have uploaded. Use paint, stickers, tin foil, paper, glue and tape to decorate your junk models.


We hope you have a lovely break. Children, be good and stay safe and well! 


Mrs Mulvihill-Ellis, Mrs Jetha, Mrs Speight, Mr Vass and Ms Matsu



Tapestry for parents/relatives: How to add an observation/Photo

This video runs through how as a parent or relative on Tapestry you can add your own observations of your children.

Nursery Rhyme of the Week - CBeebies Songs | Something Special | I Can Sing a Rainbow

'I Can Sing a Rainbow'
Help your child learn a new song. This song will help your child learn 7 basic colour names.



Phonics is the teaching and learning of letters (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes). This will enable your child to be able to read and write. I am going to upload information, ideas and links to help you support your childs phonic development. 

Nursery Writing Top Tips

Early Years Foundation Stage - Age Expectations