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Reception: University of Nottingham

Welcome to Northside Reception 2020 - University of Nottingham!

If you need to contact the class teacher, please email:

Entrance to and exit from the school will be via the Early Years Entrance on Percy Road.
8:45am drop off and 3:20pm pick up.

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Zoom Focus Meetings:

We have sent home a table with the day and time your Zoom focus meeting will take place, I have also uploaded it below. Please check the date and time, if this is not possible, email the reception for Mrs Mulvihill-Ellis to rearrange it. During the meeting we will talk about how your child has settled down and set some targets together to help your child progress. 


Reading Record Books:

Please make sure reading record books and the phonic books are kept in your child's PE bag (we will read and change their books throughout the week). Do not worry if your child needs help to sound out a word. I will be posting some useful information on this class page about phonics over the next couple of weeks. When you read this book with your child, please note down what they were able to do in their reading record book. For example, Bob sounded out 'Sam' independently and needed help sounding out 'Pip'. 


Library Books:

Your child will be sent home with a library book every Tuesday. Please make sure you send your child into school with their library book every Tuesday. We will take the book back and then send a new book home. All books will be quarantined before being sent back out again. You have also been giving a reading record book. You can note down if your child liked/disliked the book and if they were able to answers questions about the story.  


Homework Tasks:

The 'Homework Tasks' document on the class page contains activities you can do with your children. We would like you to do at least 3 tasks, as well as the compulsory tasks. These tasks are for this half term and a new set of fun tasks will be added after half term. You can upload a photo of the completed tasks or type a note about how they did onto Tapestry. When you add it to Tapestry, please write Homework Task in the title. There is no strict deadline for these tasks to be completed. You may want to do them during half term, that is fine. Just remember to upload photos onto Tapestry. I will 'like' each piece to acknowledge I have seen it and will add up the house points at the end of the half term. I hope the children enjoy the activities.  



Focus Meetings - You will receive a Zoom invite from Mrs Mulvihill-Ellis the day before your meeting.

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