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Hello Reception,


Wow! What a year!! We just wanted to say a big thank you for your kind and generous gifts. This has been a very hard year for everyone. I have been so thankful to have an amazing team and also Superhero children and parents/carers. You have all been really supportive and the help you have given your children has been impressive. 


We have sent home a wallet with phonic books and some resources. Please do enjoy the break, but doing a little bit of learning each week will help your child. 


The children have spent lots of time over the last couple of weeks with their new teaching team. Mrs Hyland is the Year 1 teacher and Mrs Parry (our current caretaker) will be the Year 1 teaching assistant. The children got to have a look around their new room today. I hope by knowing their adults and seeing what their new room will look like, this will help with the transition into Year 1. Please do not worry about how they will settle back into school. The Year 1 teaching staff are fantastic and will help them settle quickly. I will also be around to support them if they need it. I have asked Mrs Hyland to add photos of the Year 1 classroom to the Year 1 class page on the website. The link is below. The classroom looks a bit bare right now, but once the children are back the walls will be filled with their work.


As Deputy head teacher, part of my role will be to support families. I will be attending the coffee mornings, so please do pop along. These mornings will be advertised in the newsletter in the autumn term. It will be lovely to be able to speak to you without a mask!!!

I have loved teaching all your children and can't wait to see them grow and learn at Northside. heart


Take care and have safe and fun summer break!


Mrs Lucy Mulvihill-Ellis,  Mrs Shah and Ms Pavlou smile


Maths Toolkits


Northside Maths Toolkits are colourful rucksacks filled with Maths games and equipment along with instruction booklets to help your child with their Maths home learning. If your child loves Maths and being challenged, finds Maths a bit tricky or just prefers to use practical equipment, then this rucksack is for you!

Please send an email to to order one and pay on School money. The cost of each rucksack is £15. Please be aware that there may be a slight delay if we need to order any equipment. We will send you a message once your rucksack is ready to collect.

  • The EYFS rucksack is suitable for Nursery and Reception. This rucksack provides different counting resources including a 0-20 numberline, 10 counting animals, 2 tens frames and 20 counters, 20 cubes and 0-10 Numicon, 5 dice, a set of dominoes and a set of digit cards.


If you would like to write a short review about how the rucksack has helped your child, please email the school office and send us a picture of you using them! We will publish some of these in our newsletters.

Useful Home Learning Ideas


Mindfulness activities -


Cbeebies - Maddie - Do You Know? This week Maddie's shows are all about space!


Sea Creatures -  


African Animals -


A List of Free Resources and Ideas -


Five minute activities -  (She also has an Instagram account) 


Creative and Sensory Ideas for young children - Mothercould on Instagram


Phonic reading books -

Login via the teachers login.


Password: Parents!21


British Library -



Speech and Language Ideas and Useful Information

Useful Phonic Websites, Games and Information for Parents

Tapestry for parents/relatives: Adding an observation

This video runs through how as a parent or relative on Tapestry you can add your own observations of your children.