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Year 1: University of York

Welcome to the University of York class page.  I will be posting home learning on here at the start of each day.  

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Mrs Ng smiley


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all taking part in daily exercise and are able to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  I always enjoy looking at your work as it brightens my day and I can’t wait to see pictures of your Traction Man baddie  You are all doing an excellent job and I am very proud of you. It would be lovely if you could create a rainbow picture to put up on your windows to make North Finchley colourful. smiley


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Handwriting (10 mins) – Practise writing the word strong (use the letter formation mat to help you)


Phonics (20 mins) – Use (log in using the free log in).  Click on Resources, Click on Flashcards Time challenge.  Test your knowledge of phase 5 sounds.  Then see the phase 5 phonic challenge in the resources.  When you find some of the objects write the word using your phonic sounds (don’t forget your sound buttons!) Send me some photos – I would love to see them!


English (30 mins) – Log onto Purple Mash and design your own dice game. Think about some of the games we’ve played in class eg: roll the dice twice and add the numbers together. Play against a partner and roll you dice - collect that amount of Lego pieces – who can build the tallest tower using the Lego? Write the instructions.


Maths (30 mins) - Lesson Four: Capacity and Volume
Investigation: Walk around your home with an adult. What containers can you see? A bath? A sink? Talk to your adult - What would you use to fill them up the quickest? Would it take longer to fill a bath with a glass or a bucket?


Topic (30 mins) – Computing – Every hero needs a villain to go up against! You have already created a Traction Man or Traction Girl of your own, now it is time to create a new villain. Remember, in Traction Man, the villains were Evil Pillows, Poisonous Dishcloth and a few others. Think of a normal object in your house and give it a villain name. Create your villain on Purple Mash – Art – 2paintapicture.



Music – Log in to Charanga website.  Click on Listen and Appraise - listen to A Whole New World from Alladin.  Answer the questions on the screen and on the ‘Appraise’ tab, you can read the Fast Facts and look at the History time line.  Next, click on the Warm up Games, do challenge 6 - you can make up the rhythms to names of people in your family or your favourite foods – maybe someone at home can clap the rhythm back to you.  After, click on ‘Learn the song’ to practise your group’s part of ‘Your Imagination’ with the actions!  You can do a singing warm up:  For an extra challenge, you can Click on Play Your Instruments and follow the instructions for the Easy or Medium Glockenspiel parts, you can do this on a piano or xylophone if you have one, or just clap along in time with the rhythm.  Finally, click on Perform the Song: you can click on the Group 1 or 2 tab so you can sing your part without backing and the other group is sung on the screen.  Enjoy your performance!!


You can listen to stories on line using these websites:  - Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his stories each day


A story to help children if they are worried about coronavirus:





Maths - useful resources

KS1 Maths workshop

Lego challenge - Why don't you try a different challenge each day?