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Year 3: Queen's University, Belfast

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The class e.mail is:



Entrance to and exit from the school will be via the Albert Street, single gate, entrance.

Drop off at 8:50 am and pick up at 3:25pm.

Maths week commencing 21.9.20


This week we are focusing on place value and 3 digit numbers.  Please find relevant lessons on White Rose Maths (week 2 home learning)


Start at the lesson 100's, 10's, 1's 


See worksheets below



Visit the Oak National Academy. Scroll down to week 1 and click on the English box. The academy will post a new lesson for each day.


Spelling and grammar


We are looking at the suffixes - er, ing, ed, s and es. We are learning how to add them to verbs eg chat, chatting, chatted, chatter or walk, walking, walked, walks


see for some games to play


More information on suffixes -




See Oak National Academy for their history lesson Prehistoric Britain. Scroll down to week 1 to begin with.



We are learning about rocks and soils in science this half term.  Visit and write a fact file about what you've learnt.

Useful Links

NRICH Maths Problem Solving Activities:


Daily lessons on BBC Bitesize:


Oxford Reading Tree eBooks:


Phonics Revision: 


BEAT Music Songs of the Week:


The Online Classroom:


Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids: