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Year 3: Cardiff University

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Welcome to Year 3: Cardiff University class page. Here you will find all the homework, spellings, notices and photographs of all the amazing things we are exploring in class!

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Brilliant Beginning!


Our Brilliant Beginning in Year 3 is exploring, designing and making an Iron Age 'torc', what we now call a bracelet. We explored torc's that have been discovered around Britain, using the pattern and style ideas to design our own. We then made clay torc's where we careful used clay tools to etch our design patterns onto the bracelet.



Science Investigation - How does friction affect movement?


We have started to explore our new science topic on Forces this week. In class we conducted an investigation to see how friction affects movement. Working in small teams, each child had a different role - engineer, technician, measurer and tester. The groups used a variety of variables (surfaces) to test how friction affected a toy car's movement which started on a ramp. We discovered rougher surfaces created more friction where a smooth, flat surface created less friction resulting in the car travelling further.

PSHE Week 11th - 15th November 2019

This week we have been learning all about our personal, social and health education. On Monday we had a NSPCC workshop which told us all about being safe outside of school and where to ask for help if needed. Wednesday we had a workshop all about keeping our teeth clean and healthy - very interesting to discuss the amount of sugar in different food and drink. We learned all about keeping safe when near roads Thursday afternoon and finished off the week with a 'Facing Feelings' workshop where we played games to drawn out and discuss managing emotions.