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Year 3: Cardiff University

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Year 3 - End of Year Gathering Information

Dear Year 3, 


It's Ms Shiambi, I am back from Australia! I have missed you all so much.I am very impressed with the amount and the quality of work that you have all been producing. I would like to thank Mrs Longworth for helping you all with your learning and your parents whilst I was away. I look forward to seeing some of you in school when I return out of isolation. 


For the last three weeks we will be focusing on the topic of Rainforests. Please remember to put all your work up on the class blog to help celebrate your achievements. Don't forget to see that class blog for today's challenge too!


Ms Shiambi.

This Week's Home Learning


Go to BEATs Songs of the Week online here

Click on the KS2 Songs and sing along with the videos, Banaha and Lean On Me.


Then visit - Create music and animation by tapping the keys on your keyboard.  Choose any letter from A to Z to bring up different sounds, lasers and motion.  Press the space bar to change everything up including sounds, background colours and animations. Have fun and see if you can make a repeating pattern with a good rhythm. 


For more, go to Yumu and choose activities from,

  • Music at Home – Encore! Ages 7-8
  • Music at Home – Tuning the tables
  • Songs for ages 7-9
  • Charanga Music World



Watch this video of Ben using French Greetings and Introductions with his French friend in Marseille, South of France.  She also gives him a tour of the city.

Can you practice using the greetings from the video at home with someone?  Bonjour (hello), Salut (hi), Bon Soiree (good evening), Au revoir (bye), Ca va ? (How are you / I’m fine), Merci (thank you), Comment t’appelle tu? (What’s your name?), Je m’appelle.. (My name is…)


Continue to work on the Language Angel home lessons in your chosen topic: 

Basic Vocabulary, Je Peux, or Les Instruments. 

Watch the video, and complete the worksheets.


Username: Norths1669, Password: lahome

Email me your work at  


Madame Goldhill

Year 3 - Update Letter

Year 3's Top Ten Writing Tips

Times Table Practise

Maths Information