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Year 3: Cardiff University

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Welcome to Year 3: Cardiff University class page.


Here you will find all Home learning activities. 


It will be here that I, (Ms Shiambi) will post daily updates from Monday 23rd of March 2020 on what learning tasks your child can complete whilst at home. Please ensure your child has some pencils, pens and a lined book to write in.


Please do not feel these have to be done in order or back to back. Give your child regular breaks and alternate screen time with other non-screen activities. 


If your child has lost their log in details for any of the websites please email the class email and I will respond as soon as I am able to. 


Thank you in advance for all your help and support during these difficult times for all. 


Kind Regards, 

Ms Shiambi

Friday 3rd of April 2020 - Day 10 Daily message:  


Dear Year 3,


Well done, you have made it to the Easter holidays! I hope you have a wonderful Easter break with your family. I know sadly we still are unable to go out, see friends or do something like go to the cinema. However, use this time to spend quality time with your family. Here are some ideas for you over the Easter break:


  1. Decorate a hard boiled egg (to reflect Easter)
  2. Learn how to do a chore (hoover, dust/polish, dry the dishes, lay the table etc)
  3. Learn how to cook a meal with an adult.
  4. Learn to play a new board game
  5. Learn a new skill that you could not do before e.g learn how to whistle with your fingers, learn how to do cross stitch, learn how to sew a button on!
  6. Use your purple pen and down load the answers the yesterday's comprehension questions and mark it.
  7. If you're bored there are activities on Purple Mash for you...


Once again, have a wonderful Easter to all my families in Year 3, keep on listening to the Government advice, stay indoors and stay safe!


From Ms Shiambi




Dave the dog is a story to to share with your child if they are worried or have any concerns about the Coronavirus - COVID 19.

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