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Year 4



Here is the list of spelling words  for your children to learn from both Year 3 and 4.

Ancient Egypt Vocabulary


Here is a list of the Top 10 writing features for your child to include in all their fantasic work!

WOW Work - This is work we are proud of.

Maths Workshop Presentation and Policy

Trip to the Grant Museum of Zoology 


We visited the museum which is in Central London, to find out about lots of creatures which are still roaming our planet and others which have long since been extinct. Chris from the museum introduced us and explained about the history of the building. After we completed a Creature Limb bingo where we had to find arms, legs and hands of various species. Lastly we spent time exploring and examining the skeletons and pickled animals in search for our favourites to sketch. The jar of moles and elephant heart proved popular! We had lunch in a park close by and the took the tube back to school.



Stage One and Two of our Egyptian death masks underway! Designed in pencil, cut and then paper mached together to form mask shape. Last stage is to paint using Ancient Egyptian colour patterns.

Update: The masks are fully painted and drying - check back for more pictures!