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Year 5: University of Bristol

Wishing you a very happy Easter year 5! 


Thank you for all of your lovely emails, photos of home learning and videos of April Fools jokes. You are all truly amazing! We can see just how hard you have been working and how much effort you have you put into your learning during the last 2 weeks. 

We wish you a healthy and happy Easter with your family. Remember to stay safe by staying inside and looking after each other. Do something creative, help out your family, play a game, watch your favourite film, sing a song, draw, paint, sew, make an easter egg hunt, work out to Joe Wicks and dance like you've never danced before! 


Remember that if you are worried about anything, we are here for you. You can always email us:


Take care and stay safe.


Miss Bennett and Mr Harper



Here's Lara with a classic...

Still image for this video


Virtual Learning Activities

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Thank you for your was lucky I was wearing my tight jumper...otherwise my side would have split!


I’ll put a link to today’s maths activity below. I’ve also put a link up to everyone’s London-mail user names. If you need a password email me and I will send you one.


Remember to do some exercise and have some time for yourselves. Sit by a window in this lovely sunshine. Be helpful and kind to everyone, as it will help them to. Go outside and listen to some birds singing...try to learn to identify by their song. Here's a good link  Who can identify the most?


Please let me know if things aren’t working and I’ll try to fix it.


Finally email some pictures of yourselves at home I’ll create a gallery page to share.



Today’s activities for are:


Guided Reading

Read Chapter 5 of Mathos.

Answer questions on Chapter 5.



Character comparison –Use the template to write how Mathos and Sariena are different, and their similarities.





Follow this powerpoint (below)and try the questions.

Match the equivalent fractions together.

Log onto Mathletics and attempt the 'Equivalent Fractions' tasks. 


Here are the answers from yesterday's Maths task. 



Sequence A: 49, 46, 46, 48 

Sequence B: 268, 265, 365, 369




Year 5 –  Practice your parts for Yenamanoa.

You should have the lyrics for both of these songs at home; they are also on the Northside Music page, under Curriculum. 

Use either one of these vocal warm up videos before singing:


Homework Grid activity



Go Noodle



Keep kind, be strong


Mr Harper/Miss Bennett

Finding equivalent fractions powerpoint- read the instructions!!!

Matching equivalent fractions cards

Sofia's joke

Still image for this video
A joke about an insect told by a cat!

Leo's joke!!!

Still image for this video
First off the block is Leo with a very cool joke!

London Mail usernames for University of Bristol class.

Times Table Rockstars update!


It is lovely to see so many of you using Times Table Rockstars! Northside has moved into 6th place from 22 Barnet Schools using Times Table Rockstars!


In the University of Bristol, a special mention must go out to....

Elon for scoring 73,155 points and coming 3rd within the whole of Northside!! 

Lina for scoring 50, 344 points and coming 6th within the whole of Northside!!

Gabriel for scoring 48, 844 points and coming 7th within the whole of Northside!!


 Imraan, Anoush and Adarsh are all currently on Rock Star statuses for their speed in Studio Mode. Remember if you would like to improve your Rock Star status, please go into studio mode and play at least 10 games or carry on in studio mode to improve your speed. We are still yet to find a Rock Legend though. Could it be you!??? 

Compare the gestation periods of animal and fill in the task below. Use the internet to research the information you will need to fill the table.

A little message from Ms Tedeku...


Hello to the University of Bristol,

This is Ms Tedeku. How are you all doing? Well done and congratulations on making it through this week. I can see how hard you've all been working. Keep it up! Keep a smile on your face and stay happy and helpful to your family and others.

Speak soon. 

Ms Tedeku

Well done to Gabriel who currently has a 'Rock Star' status on Times Table Rockstars! We are now looking for a Year 5 Rock Legend! Remember to play at least 10 studio games to find out your Rock Star status and climb up the leader board. More updates soon! 



If you don’t have your logins for any of these sites, have any problems with them or would just like to chat to someone, please email us at