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Year 5: University of Bristol

Class groups from Monday 22nd June


Hello University of Bristol!


Last week, you produced some fantastic application forms and speeches for the Year 6 jobs!

If you aren’t able to come into school yet, please send in your application forms as soon as possible to Here are some websites that you can use to help you with your home learning:





Here are some activities to have a go at in the afternoons:

 Choose 1 to have a go at each day.  



Go to BEATs Songs of the Week online here

Click on the KS2 Songs and sing along with the videos, Banaha and Lean On Me.


Then visit

Visit any of the menu options, e.g.

Song Maker – you can make and share your own songs,

Rhythm - Make up your own cool rhythms,

Spectrogram - Be mesmerised by seeing a pitch visualisation of different instruments and sounds,

Kandinsky – Draw different shapes to create sounds and then play them,

Melody Make – Create a simple melody from blocks and choose the tempo


For more, go to Yumu and choose activities from,

  • Music at Home – Encore! Ages 9-10 (NEW)
  • Music at Home – Tuning the tables
  • Songs for ages 9-11
  • Charanga Music World




Watch this video of Ben chatting to his French friends about what they like to do:– Tu aime faire quoi? (what do you like to do?)


Try adding to your labelled family picture what everyone likes to do, for example:

Mon pére aime lire (my father likes to read), ma mére aime nager (my mother likes to swim), mon ami(e) aime jouer de la guitar (my friend likes to play guitar), ma soeur aime ecouter de la musique (my sister likes to listen to music), mon frére aime faire du velo (my brother likes cycling), mes cousins / cousines aiment faire dessiner (my cousins like to drawing), ma grandmére  aime jouer du piano(my grandma likes playing the piano), mon grandpére aime danser (my grandpa likes to dance).

Try practising saying some of the phrases used in the video at home.

I would love to see you work – email me at  


You can continue working on Language Angels if you wish too:  Username: Norths1669, Password: lahome


Madame Goldhill



Read this week's First News newspaper (see Home Learning resource folder below) and read through the debate about air pollution. Have the chance to have your say! Read through the discussion questions at the end of the document and discuss them with someone in your family.




This week, we are looking at words that end in ‘ough’.


Have a go at the Spelling activity set for you on Purple Mash and then practise your spellings using the Look, cover, Say, Write, Check technique. This chart can be found in the Home Learning resource folder below or make one of your own on paper. 


Here are this week's words to learn ready for our spelling test on Friday. Please look up the definitions of any that you aren't sure about and fill in the sentences containing missing words on the sheet of paper that we will give you. There is also an uploaded version of the paper in the Home Learning resources folder below.


  1. through
  2. thorough
  3. borough
  4. enough
  5. bough
  6. though
  7. although
  8. dough
  9. thoroughness
  10.  ought




In class last week, we have been learning the names of different polygons (closed shapes with straight sides) and talking about their properties such as regular/irregular, parallel sides, the angles they have and the number of sides and vertices.  We played a game called ‘Name that shape’ on Friday. Please play the game again at home with one of your family members. You will need two dice or if you only have 1, you can roll it twice to make the grid references. If you don’t have a dice, I have uploaded a template for one in the Home Learning folder. If you like, try one of the variations on the game sheet, such as making the number of sides your score and try keeping a running total. The winner could be the first person to reach 50!

New Bingo Reading Challenge for June/July 2020

Topic tasks for home learning- Summer 2nd Half 2020

Home Learning grid for Mother Nature topic - Summer 1st Half 2020



If you don’t have your logins for any of these sites, have any problems with them or would just like to chat to someone, please email us at