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Year 6: University of Exeter

Welcome to our University of Exeter class page. Please see below for important messages and useful documents. 

Our class email is 

Miss Glancy 

Dear Year 6,


Well done for working so hard over the last two weeks! We know it can’t have been easy and a new routine is hard to get used to but you have done it and we are so proud of you.  We are missing you all so much!

We hope you manage to have a wonderful Easter break with your family. Sadly,  we are still are unable to go out, see friends or do some of the things you would usually do but it’s a great opportunity to try new things and spend some quality time with loved ones. Here are some ideas for you over the Easter break:


  1. Decorate a hard-boiled egg (to reflect Easter) or make an Easter bonnet.
  2. Learn how to do a chore (hoover, dust/polish, dry the dishes, lay the table etc)
  3. Learn how to cook a meal with an adult.
  4. Learn to play a new board game. Try chess!
  5. Learn to play a card game. 
  6. Learn a new skill that you could not do before e.g learn how to whistle with your fingers, learn how to do cross stitch, learn how to sew a button on!
  7. Sow a seed in soil, put it on the window sill, water it and watch it grow. 
  8. Read a book that you love.

Remember, you can email us on the email address on the class page if you need us for anything.


Word of the day: jubilant

Positive thought: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit



Once again, have a wonderful Easter to all our families in Year 6, keep on listening to the Government advice, stay indoors, protect the NHS and save lives!

Miss Glancy and Ms Greenhill 


Science Lesson - week beginning 30.3.20

Please read through the powerpoint on classification below and then complete the activity sheets.  (The sheets with three stars are more challenging than the sheets with one star.) We have also attached an example to help you if you get stuck.  If you can't print the sheets off, don't worry. You can draw your boxes on a piece of paper. 

Friday, 27th March, 2020 - Homework for the weekend!

Hi Year 6. Just so you don't get bored over the weekend, we thought we'd set you a bit of homework!

Please complete pages 50-51 of your Maths SATs books and pages 70-71 of your English SATs books by next Wednesday.  Stay safe and enjoy the weekend. Ms Greenhill and Miss Glancy 

Year 6 French online learning – w/c 23.03.20 and 30.03.20
Log into
Click on PLAY GAMES.
Username: northside
Password: pupils
You will need to enable Flash on your device.
Go into the following sections and play games to revise language learnt:
 Quelle est la date? (What is the date?)
 En famille (Numbers 10-100)
 Au café (In the café)
 A l’ecole (School)
 Le Weekend (Weekend)
 Les Vetements (Clothes)
You can also play games in other sections if you want to revise other topics!
Year 6 Music online learning – w/c 30.03.20

Year 6 – Listen to an interview with Hans Zimmer at

You can read a bit more about Hans Zimmer here

You can also check out his website, go to the Hans Zimmer page to see his incredible credentials and discography

Next see if you can find and listen to some of his music on line: The Lion King, Madagascar, Pirates of the Caribean, Skark Tale, Wallace & Gromit, The Simpsons Movie, Kung Fu Panda, The Boss Baby.  Why do you think Hans Zimmer is so successful as a film composer?


You can send your ideas from last week’s work for how you think we should structure our Hans Zimmer style piece of music to Mrs Goldhill at



'Dave the dog' is a story to to share with your child if they are worried or have any concerns about the Coronavirus - COVID 19.

Dear Year 6s,


We’re sorry we won’t be seeing you for a little while.  We hope that you remain safe and well while you are at home.  Even though you are not at school, it is advised that you follow the Virtual School Parent Guide, which suggests this timetable:

9:00 – 9:30              Reading activity

9:30-10:30               Lesson 1: English

10:30-11:00             Break

11:00 – 12:00           Lesson 2: Maths

12:00 – 1:00             Lunch

1:00 – 1:15               Silent reading

1.15 - 2.15               Lesson 3: Foundation subjects

2.15 - 3.15               Lesson 4: Foundation subjects

3:15 – 3:30               Times Tables Rockstars


All reading and English tasks are set on Purple Mash and your maths tasks are on Mathletics.  For the Foundation subject lessons, we would like you to complete the tasks already set on the homework grid (on the website).  Please don’t feel anxious about completing all tasks in the set times-just do your best.


If you don’t have your logins for any of these sites, please email your class teacher at


In addition to this, you can do the Five-a-day maths tasks that we usually complete in class. They can be found on the website Corbett Maths.  Complete the gold activity for the day, and if you fancy a challenge, do the platinum one too!  If you want to revise any topics, there are great videos on this website too.


We will also be setting pages from your SATs revision workbooks so keep an eye on the class page for daily updates.


Take care and best wishes,

Miss Glancy and Ms Greenhill J  


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