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Year 6: University of Warwick

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Welcome to our University of Warwick class page. Please see below for important messages and useful documents. 

Our class email is 

Ms Greenhill 

Class Groupings 

Sex and Relationships Education

Homework 22.05.20


Please complete the following pages of your SATs practice books:

Maths - pages 60-61

English - pages 54-55

Music activities for the week beginning Monday, 18th May 


Music activities – Plastic


You now have the whole ‘Plastic’ package so you can work at your own pace each week, choosing different activities.  Log in to your Yumu account at

Plastic Video - watch this to give you ideas to research, for your own song lyrics and for your own video.

Listen to a song, starting with Plastic, and use the questions as a guide to talk about it.

Learn to Sing the Song and have a go at the Rap Gap Fill. Use the tips provided.
Write your own chorus - check your research facts and create your own rhyming couplet.
Make a video – use the tips, and when complete share the final video with your teachers!


Email Mrs Goldhill if you have any questions or feedback

Year 6

Bonjour tout le monde!

We now have some lovely French home resources for you at

Username: Norths1669, Password: lahome


There are different topics for you to choose from:-

Entry Challenge: Je Peux… (I can…) or Les Instruments (Musical Instruments)

Intermediate Challenge: Les Romains (The Romans) or En Classe (In the Classroom)

Super Challenge: A L’ecole (At school) or Moi dans le Monde (Me in the World)

There are 5 lessons for you to do at your own pace over the next few weeks, with interactive and colourful videos teaching you words and phrases and fun worksheets you can print off and keep. I hope you enjoy these resources. 


Please email me any questions and let me know how you get on with them at

Merci, Madame Goldhill

'Dave the Dog' is a story to share with your children if they are worried or have concerns about Coronavirus.

Top Ten Tips for Writing

Year 6 Calculations Policy

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