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Maths Update

In our Maths lessons, we have been making changes to the way lessons are organised. Children are now sat with different learning partners rather than in fixed ability groups so that they can benefit from discussing their ideas with a variety of different people. The beginning part of our Maths lessons now addresses what has been taught the day before. Children are either asked to consolidate their learning, receive support from a teacher or teaching assistant if they have found a concept difficult or extend their learning with a further challenge. Activities are broken into 3 levels of challenge and children are now given the freedom to choose which levels they will attempt. Research shows that this way of working will allow the children to ‘push’ themselves further and achieve more. Children feel more motivated to learn and so far we have seen some fantastic results!

In the Foundation Stage, we have purchased some exciting new outdoor equipment to support the children with their understanding of number. The Foundation Stage now has giant Numicon (colourful plastic shapes that represent different numbers), giant number tracks to form numbers correctly and a giant magnetic number line containing Numicon.

Across the school, we have a range of Maths interventions that support children with their learning. In Year 2 and 3, some children receive extra Maths support in the afternoon through a programme called ‘1st class @ Number’. Our Maths TA runs an extra Maths intervention for some Year 4 and 5 children called ‘Success @ Arithmetic’. 

Every Friday, in the Red Room, we hold a free Maths Lending Library where parents are able to borrow Maths games to play at home. Games are a great way of supporting your children in a fun, informal way. If you are interested in borrowing a game, please come to the office at 9am on Fridays and ask for the Maths Lending Library.

Mathematics Curriculum Map