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French Update - November 2020

Northside children really embrace learning French in school, which is a joy, because it is so useful cognitively for their learning in all subjects.   They are so good at finding strategies to remember words, or connections to words in their own language, for example.  We have a beautiful display of children’s work outside the staffroom as well as a white board on entry to the school, which has the French date and weather updated daily, by a rotation of children in the University of Bristol.  As the Music and French teacher, I see all the KS2 children twice a week so we always say what the date is in French and practice greetings, as well as the numbers when doing the register.  With the KS1 children, we also use French greetings.


The University of Bristol have produced some amazing writing this term, revising language to describe themselves and others.  Many of the children presented these to the whole class.  They also read their first French comic, Les Deux Grenouilles (The Two Frogs) and used it as a guide, to create their own wonderful comic strip stories, changing the animals and descriptions, using correct French gender and plural adjectives.  Finally, last half term, they created and described their own colourful monsters, using body parts and colour vocabulary with correct grammar rules.  We have just started a new topic all about clothes, so they will be able to describe what they wear in different weathers and contexts.


The University of Edinburgh have been learning about how to give their opinions in French, which they are very keen to do! We learnt many different foods in French, how to say what we like and don’t like, and thinking about what foods are healthy and unhealthy.  They have learnt how to describe the weather, which we discuss each week – Quelle temps fait-il aujourd’hui?  We just started a new topic about different hobbies and they will be able explain which ones they like and dislike and give reasons why.  We will then move on to discuss and write about school subjects in the same way, which is always fun and interesting J 


The University of Cardiff have been practicing lots of conversational French with each other and their class puppet friend Antoine!  They are asking how many brothers and sisters they have, or if they are an only child and how to ask about what pets they have and various responses. Additionally, they have learnt how ask where someone lives and we have looked at lots of different towns in Northern France, which the children can pronounce beautifully! They love to show off their speaking skills in class and have also done listening exercises, where they answer questions based on listening to French children speaking on video.  Amazing work!


The University of Queens are doing a fantastic job starting to learn and speak and read French! So far, they have learnt Greetings, how to ask someone their name and respond, asking how are you and giving a variety of responses, as well as learning the colours.  We are playing lots of games to reinforce learning the new vocabulary, which they really enjoy and we are focusing on pronouncing the French phonic sounds to ensure a strong foundation for speaking and reading accurately.

Well done everyone!

Mrs Goldhill

French and Music leader

French Curriculum Overview

Year 5 singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes in French

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Year 6 learning to tell the time in French

Years 5 and 6 receive Christmas Cards from their French pen pals at L'ecole Edouard Herriot

French Update - November 2019


Children at Northside really enjoy learning French; I am often greeted by children in the corridors saying ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Ca va?’, which is joyful!  Years 4, 5 and 6 all have French calendars in their classrooms and different monitors are chosen each week to ask questions to the class to respond: ‘Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?’ and in years 5 and 6, they add, ‘Quel temps fait-t-il?’ It is so beneficial when the calendars are done every day, to help the children remember key language.

Year 6 have already achieved great work this term, having read their first comic in French, Les Deux Grenouilles (The Two Frogs).  Using the comic as a guide, they all wrote their own versions, changing the animals and descriptions, using correct French gender and plural adjectives.  Some of these are on display outside are staff room.  Year 6 also read the full version of the Hungry Caterpillar in French and then wrote their own shorter versions, some with much great humour.  As they were so good, we are sending them to the pupils’ new French pen pals at Ecole Edouard Herriot in Morangis, south of Paris. They have also written their pen pals introduction letters about themselves.   We have just started a new topic all about clothes.

Year 5 has been working hard on revising and extending their knowledge of greeting people, introducing themselves and other people and describing their feelings.  We have been working on being able to use feminine and masculine versions of different feeling words. Ask your children to tell you how they feel in French!  They also learnt the French pronouns and conjugated the verb ‘Avoir’ (To have).  They also have new French pen pals from Ecole Edouard Harriot; they started writing letters this week, using the language we have been working on so far this term.

Year 4 are learning French with Mademoiselle Price, who is really enjoying teaching it to the class, an avid French speaker herself.  They have been learning how to say they have brothers and sisters or if they are an only child, describe where they live, how to say different places around town, and they will be starting to learn directions this week.

Year 3 are having French lessons with Monsieur Tibbs who says the class are keenly taking on the new language skills. They started by looking at where people speak French in the world, and discussing cultural aspects of France such as food, landmarks and flag.  They have been learning basic greetings, how to ask and say their name, ask and respond to ‘how are you?’ and are starting to learn the colours in French. 

Mrs Goldhill

French and Music leader


French Day - July 2019


Pupils from Reception to Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed French Day; experiencing French Art, Boules, Songs, Paris Museum, French Café and Memory Games.  They ordered delicious food in French, learnt interesting facts about Paris, created an amazing version of Monet’s Lily Pond painting, and learnt lots of new French words.  Northside staff, French Sixth Form students from St Michaels and Christina Spano helped make the Day a huge success! See photos beneath this article....

In other French news…. The KS2 pupils at Northside have been doing super learning this year, all making good if not outstanding progress.  All KS2 classes have different monitors each week to update their French Calendars dates and weather, asking the class the questions in French, during register time.  The different year groups have been covering the following:-

Year 6 read The Hungry Caterpillar and wrote their own stories as well as learning all about clothes we wear for different occasions. This term we have been talking about keeping healthy, from the foods we eat to activities we do, all in French! 

Year 5 have learnt about the Olympic Games and can say what sports they do; they also created colourful monsters and described their bodies using correct French grammar.  Years 5 and 6 have also enjoyed corresponding with their penpals in France.

Year 4 had brilliant fun last term having their French Café, impressing me so much by all speaking in French to ask each other for food and drinks and this term they have become weather forecasters. 

Year 3 pupils are doing so well already at having sustained conversations to introduce themselves to each other, we have read and explored a French version of Little Red Riding Hood, and they can sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French!

Madame Goldhill

French and Music Leader


Nursery French Day - Cafe, Stories, Colours, Song

Year 4 Weather Forecasters

Photos from French Day, June 2019

At Northside, children in KS2 are taught French by specialist teacher each week for 45 minutes and have been progressing brilliantly already this term.  During lessons, we cover speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, which are assessed throughout the year.  We focus on different French phonic sounds, how to read and pronounce them.  We learn the language through talking in partners, speaking in front of the class, learning songs, reading and writing stories, watching videos, playing games, using puppets and using the French displays in the classroom.


Read the 2018/19 French curriculum map to see what topics we are covering throughout each year group.


At home, encourage your children to practice their French language skills online at by clicking Play Games and using the Northside login:- 

USERNAME - northside

PASSWORD - pupils


All the children made French Christmas cards in the Autumn Term.  Years 4, 5 and 6 letters have been sent to their pen pals in our twin schools in France and Year 3 are taking them home to family.  The children are looking forward to receiving cards from their French friends and Years 5 and 6 will continue to write and receive letters throughout the year.

Last year we had a French Day which involved the whole school from Reception to Year 6; students came to help out from St Michaels as well as our French speaking Northside parents.  We plan to do this again in the summer term, so if this is something you would like to help out with, please contact the school office.


Year 3 having conversations in French in front of the class - they were amazing!

Year 3 singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French

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Tete, Epaule, genoux, pieds, genoux pieds
Tete, Epaule, genoux, pieds, genoux pieds
Les yeux, les oreilles, la bouche, le nez
Tete, Epaule, genoux, pieds, genoux pieds

Year 4 French Cafe - April 2019

Year 5 structuring sentences about their family

Year 6 story starter of their alternative 'The Hungry Caterpillar'