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Uniform Information

School Uniform Information


Northside school uniform consists of grey trousers, shorts or a grey skirt with a Northside polo shirt and a school sweatshirt/cardigan and black sensible school shoes. Black boots may be worn in the winter but no UGG type boots are permitted.  Sensible sandals can be worn in the summer but no flip flops are permitted.  During the summer girls may wear blue and white checked dresses.


The uniform in Year 6 is slightly different to support the transition into secondary school and to develop their leadership role within school. Children will wear a white shirt/blouse and wear a school tie which represents their house.


For the 2 Year Old and 3 Year Old nurseries the school uniform consists of Northside tracksuit bottoms, a Northside white polo shirt and a Northside jumper or cardigan. Nursery children do not need a PE kit but will need a Northside book bag.


For PE the children wear black shorts or Northside tracksuit bottoms with a Northside PE T-shirt and a pair of plimsolls. Children should wear their kit to school on their PE day. All children must use a Northside book bag. Children do not need to bring large rucksacks to school.


Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform every day and that all clothing is clearly labelled with their name, including coats.


If your child needs to wear a headscarf for religious reasons please ensure that it is a black or navy blue fitted headscarf.  Haircuts must be appropriate for school with no emblems or designs cut into the hair. Long hair must be tied back and hair accessories must be small and be blue in colour.


Children are not permitted to wear jewellery; if they have pierced ears they can wear small stud earrings.  No make-up or nail varnish is allowed. 


Sweatshirts and other items of clothing with the school logo are available through the School Office for your first order. All subsequent orders will need to be made via Eduspot our online payment system once your child has started school.  All other items of uniform are readily available from children’s clothing outlets.

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