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Year 5: University of York

Welcome to the University of York class page. We hope you find all of the information below useful.

Our class email is

Ms Greenhill, Miss Bennett, Mrs Moore and Miss Lina

We are entering the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition again!

This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to practise their writing skills and be in with the chance of winning a great prize.  Our previous entries have also led to us attending the Commonwealth Celebration Service at Westminster Abbey, along with all of the Royal Family! Please support your child to complete one of the writing tasks at home:


  1. What new habit could you adopt to positively contribute towards a greener Commonwealth?   

  2. Write a dialogue between yourself and a grandparent about resilience and hope. What can you share with the older generation, and what can you learn from them?  

  3. You are taking part in a beach clean-up and discover that you can speak to sea creatures. What are they saying, and how do you respond?

  4. You’re on a school exchange in a Commonwealth country different to your own. How do you make friends with people your age? (Consider similarities and differences in culture that may unite you).


Entries should be no longer than 750 words and need to be typed. (There is no minimum word count.)

Please email them to me at by Monday, 13th May. 

If you would like more information, please follow the link or download the flyer below.


Good luck!


Ms Greenhill