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Physical Education

P.E. (Physical Education)


At Northside Primary School, Physical Education (P.E.) is about delivering high-quality teaching and learning opportunities which develops the children’s PE skills as well as enhancing the fitness and good health of all pupils. We believe that teaching lessons in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment will strengthen the children’s knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. This will inspire children to succeed and develop abilities which will positively impact on their future. Our aim is for all children to have a keen interest in P.E., a willingness to participate in all lessons, have a positive attitude towards learning and to employ imagination and creativity in their techniques whether it be tactics or choreography.  Learning is strengthened through a collection of physical activities and teaching is adapted to support the needs of every child. Children will co-operate and collaborate with each other as part of an effective team; understanding fairness and embedding life-long values that P.E. promotes.



Our P.E. curriculum encourages enjoyment, challenge, resilience and teamwork through a range of activities such as: netball, tag ruby, basketball, strike and field games, gymnastic, dance and swimming. We deliver this by teaching the National Curriculum objectives along with using the curriculum overview, which underpins our school values, to build on knowledge and develop a progression of skills. We use Val Sabin’s scheme of work, where these documents are progressive, coherent and provides opportunities for children to learn and apply fundamental skills for each year group. Being active or creative as well as being part of a team is fundamental in supporting mental health. For this reason, cross-curricular links are made between P.E. and R.S.H.E to ensure that children are supported; giving them the best chance at staying mentally healthy.

Pupils are provided with their entitlement to P.E. twice a week. Gymnastics and Dance is taught by both the Sports Coach the class teacher.  Not only are all lessons focused on fitness but on key questions and vocabulary too so that children can apply their learning in a philosophical manner. Pupils learn the basic rules for a range of games and experience competition which is driven by positive sporting attitudes. Each lesson allows children to participate in PE at their own level of development. Staff cater to the needs of every child, putting challenge at the forefront of the learning. Children who are less active are highlighted at the beginning of each academic year. They are encouraged to live a more active and healthier lifestyle and are supported in doing so. Active playtime is also encouraged by all staff to ensure children are not only mobile throughout the day but to promote self-regulation, co-operation with others and the development of moral attitudes.

Northside promotes the participation of extra-curricular activities and opportunities outside of school for children of all backgrounds. Pupils are able to attend after school clubs such as football, dance, gymnastics, netball and running club. They also take part in Sports Day which is held at Allianz Park Stadium. Pupils attend sporting events in the local area and take part in leagues where they compete with schools in the borough. This enables them to build character and embed values through regular teamwork activities.

Regular reviewing of action plans, governor reports, pupil voice, learning walks, team teaching and joint planning are used to continuously improve the delivery of P.E. at Northside.



The impact is that children show the motivation to utilise the essential skills which they acquire from Physical Education in an effective way in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle in addition to having a love for sport. Learning walks, pupil voice and teacher assessment evidence the impact of a broad and balanced PE curriculum at Northside. The Sports Premium Grant is used effectively to ensure that all children leave Northside equipped with skills to lead a healthy life both physically and mentally.