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Physical Education

Northside Daily Challenges!!!


Monday: Jogging on the spot for 1 minute whilst listening to your favourite song. If you can jog until the song finishes you have smashed challenge no.1!

Tuesday: 30 star jumps if you can do more then you are the real star.(University of York and Queen's University can do 15 star jumps)

Wednesday: high knees for 30 seconds, have a 30 second breather and then 30 seconds of heel flicks.(University of York and Queen's University can do 15 seconds for each activity)

Thursday: 5 press ups then have a 30 second breather then another 5 press ups. (5 press ups will be great for University of York and Queen's University if they can do 10 they are smashing it!

Friday:  Fun Friday, perform a skill of your own and if you can video it for us that will be brilliant. I will show a video of my best skill too!! It can be a football skill or even a dance move anything you can do.

p.s hope you guys are staying safe

mr. vass

Mr Vass's challenge

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Can you compete with Mr Vass?

PE- games curriculum map

PE- gymnastics and dance curriculum map