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Physical Education

PE (Physical Education)

At Northside Primary School, Physical Education (PE) is about delivering high-quality teaching and learning opportunities which develops the children’s PE skills as well as enhancing the fitness and good health of all pupils. We believe that teaching lessons in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment will strengthen the children’s knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. This will inspire children to succeed and develop abilities which will positively impact on their future. Our aim is for all children to have a keen interest in PE, a willingness to participate in all lessons, have a positive attitude towards learning and to employ imagination and creativity in their techniques whether it be tactics or choreography.  Learning is strengthened through a collection of physical activities and is differentiated to support the needs of every child. Children will co-operate and collaborate with each other as part of an effective team; understanding fairness and embedding life-long values that PE promotes.

Northside Daily Challenges


Monday: Jogging on the spot for 1 minute whilst listening to your favourite song. If you can jog until the song finishes you have smashed challenge no.1!

Tuesday: 30 star jumps if you can do more then you are the real star.(University of York and Queen's University can do 15 star jumps)

Wednesday: high knees for 30 seconds, have a 30 second breather and then 30 seconds of heel flicks.(University of York and Queen's University can do 15 seconds for each activity)

Thursday: 5 press ups then have a 30 second breather then another 5 press ups. (5 press ups will be great for University of York and Queen's University if they can do 10 they are smashing it!

Friday:  Fun Friday, perform a skill of your own and if you can video it for us that will be brilliant. I will show a video of my best skill too!! It can be a football skill or even a dance move anything you can do.


Mr Vass's challenge

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Can you compete with Mr Vass?

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