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WhatsApp: 07739149723

Term Donations

At the start of a new term we once again ask that you make a donation Through The School Money app.  These donations cover all the extras the children get. From Golden Ticket books to craft supplies, school trips and prizes it all must be paid for by the school. Barnet Council and the Government do not provide any funding for these activities.


We know that a term donation is a lot to ask, and value each penny given. If you are in a position to make multiple term donations please do.


Wanted : Land Survey

FON is supporting the school to develop the unused land in the early years playground into a forest school. The area currently includes a pond and multiple trees. To be able to apply for funding we need a plan for the area. Are you able to offer your survey skills pro-bono or know someone that can?

Please get in touch to request photos and dimensions of the area.

Tel Anthea at 07809456479


£5,000 Raised!


It has been a very difficult term for community activities so it’s absolutely incredible that despite setbacks and cancellations we were able to raise over £5k!


Every penny of this goes back to the children who enjoy better facilities and equipment thanks to your generosity.


If you have any idea on how we can continue to support the school please let us know.


You may not know this, but as a Northside parent/carer/staff member you are automatically a member of FON (Friends of Northside). This is the name given to the school community who support Northside by raising much-needed money through fun events that bring us all together. 


Fundraising by the community is crucial in these times of school budget cuts, increased demand and particularly due the financial impact of Covid. Most recently, money raised by FON paid for The Year 1 Outdoor learning area, Interactive whiteboards, high-visibility safety bands for children to wear on school trips, subsidising school trips, re-painting the library, building the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), redesigning the front playground and installing the bike racks and playground equipment. 

Get involved - We’d love to have you!

All FON activities are organised by volunteers in the Northside community. Every penny raised through these activities goes directly to the school to pay for equipment and activities for the children.

Join the FON whatsapp (text 07739149723) or send us an email at


Term Donations

Through The School Money app we ask all parents to make a donation of £10 each term. We also ask, that if you can, please give more.

We ask for a term donation to cover teaching materials and other equipment.  The school must pay for everything out of its budget, from pens and crayons to building repairs and having rubbish collected. Sadly, due to budget cuts and Covid the school needs these donations.


 We know that a term donation is a lot to ask, and value each penny given. If you haven’t done so and can, please give your term donation through school money today.



FON Fundraising Projects 2021-2022

We are currently raising money towards:


15 tablets for each class this is our main fundraising goal for the current year.


Year 1 Outdoor Space thanks to parents who brought in plants and a soil donation from a local business we have nearly completed the Year 1 outdoor learning space. We still some more compost and plants, if you can help please donate here


Reading Books in 2019 we had an external audit of the library reading books and removed damaged, dated and inappropriate books. Unfortunately, this depleted the library. We ask that on your child’s birthday you gift the class with a book. Ask the teacher for a list of titles to choose from.


Medium to long-term projects

We would like to finish the library refurbishment, make improvements to the forest school/pond area - so we have better outdoor learning spaces - replace the climbing frames in each playground and build a sensory room for children with special needs. All this will go a long way towards improving our children's overall school experience.


Other ways you can help

  • Think about the school if you hear of anyone getting rid of furniture or equipment - the benches in the playground came from an office refurbishment that a parent had heard about.
  • Share any ideas for events we could run. 
  • Reach out to local businesses who might be able to support the school.


Please come along to a meeting, join the email or WhatsApp groups and/or let us know when and what you can help with.


Thank you 


Anahita (Noura Y3), Anthea (Zoe Y1 and Alex Y4), and Kineret (Amit, Y1)

Friends of Northside

Y3's New Interactive whiteboard bought with money raised at our Virtual Summer Fayre

Look what we've done in the library.... to be continued!