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Computing Update

At Northside we have been focusing our teaching on the three areas, coding, keeping safe on line and using presentation software. In Year 6, we have created films using windows movie maker, telling the stories of the children who were evacuated from London during World War 2. Recently, we have been researching and using Power-point to present to the rest of the school- like the teachers do in assemblies!

Year 5 used excel to create spreadsheets using formulae to solve maths problems. We created a planet database, and prepared a menu for a hungry astronaut – each time we had a problem to solve and criteria to meet. This term we have focused on keeping safe online and we are presenting our top-tips to keep safe in a multimedia presentation using the IPad app Explain Everything.

In Year 4,  we have used the Lego we-do software to create a program sequence to operate a crocodile. The programme used an input- a light sensor to tell the output (the crocodiles jaws!) to snap shut!

Year 3 have used the pro-bots to introduce coding. They were programmed to draw geometric shapes, such as squares, pentagons and hexagons using repeat and simple subroutines. Now they are using 2simple software to produce simple games with a pre-planned procedures and changing the presentation and complexity of the game. Year 2 and Year 1 have used Purple Mash software to produce artwork. In EYFS the children are encouraged to use a number of programmable toys such as bee-bots.

The emphasis with coding is built up through teaching the use of simulations such as Scratch  and Scratch Jnr, to practical applications such as the pro-bots,  Lego We-do and control software like Flowol. Eventually this leads to more ambitious uses of Scratch creating loops, sub-routines and even using HTML to create webpages at the end of year 6.

Throughout each term we will reinforce the best ways children can stay safe online. For more advice check the sites below or alternatively speak to the staff at school.