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Mr Vass' Weekly Challenges


Toe touches, standing with your back straight can you touch your right foot with your left hand and your left foot with your right hand. 30 for KS2 and 15 for KS1



Frog squats, Squat down, fingertips on the ground between your legs for support, says Powell. Leap up high in the air 15 times



Mountain Climbers, Get into a push-up position and then alternate bringing your knee to your elbow. You can do same side connections or crisscross. The idea is to move fast and work up a sweat



Leg raises, Lay on your side or on your back and with lift your legs without bending at the knee. Try to hold at the top. This works your lower abdominals, but be careful to not let your lower back arch.


Fun Friday, as we are in lockdown and haven’t got much to do for your Friday challenge can you learn a new skill? For example a cartwheel or a handstand. 


I would love to see all of your new skills and all of the challenges so if you could video them and share them on the blog that would be brilliant!!

Hope you guys are all staying safe and are doing well; I can’t wait to see you guys!

Mr. Vass😊

Below are websites to keep you active. Remember a healthy body means a healthy mind.