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Our curriculum aims to build on children’s natural curiosity and sense of awe in the natural world. We want children to understand the role that they play in the world and the difference that they can make to it. We aim for all Northside pupils to able to use and apply their knowledge of science and scientific enquiry to answer questions which they are curious about. We want to foster a love for and engagement in science for all pupils through practical activities. We want to give children rich opportunities that lead to discussions using scientific language and further develop their curiosity.


Science Day 2021 - Have a look at some of the fun and exciting activities that the children did!

    Each half term you'll find a fun and easy experiment to try at home



Science at Home 


To help support your child's science learning and encourage them to practise their scientific skills at home, why not try one of the home learning investigations below?   Each investigation is fun and easy to do at home and doesn't take much organisation. We hope you enjoy investigating! 


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