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Summer Term History Update 

My focus this term in History has been to expose children to and develop their vocabulary across the school.  Each class now creates an illustrated topic page with key vocabulary relating to their area of learning in History. They also write a glossary of key words with the definitions at the very start of their topic.  Vocabulary plays an important part in learning and is key when understanding historical terms and concepts.

At Northside, we use a variety of teaching strategies to engage the children in their learning. Year 1 had a great day visiting Mountfitchet Castle where they discovered that a Motte and Bailey castle is made out of wood.  They saw the great hall, pottery, a blacksmith and the church. The children were able to use what they learnt on this trip to draw and label their castle.  It also gave them a greater insight in to what life was like in the past.  In Year 3, the children researched Stone Age art. They then created their own cave painting using different textures and materials to demonstrate what life was like for hunter-gatherers during this era. When learning about the Egyptians in Year 4, the children learnt about death masks and made their own. Year 5 had a brilliant beginning to their topic. They had a Greek day where they were given the opportunity to make Greek vases, mosaics, flat breads and they even took part in PE lessons inspired by the Greek Olympics. 

Upper Key Stage 2 have had a greater involvement in History this term. We now have a weekly pre-history club at lunch times, which is run by some of the Year 6 pupils. A handful of Year 5 and 6 children have also taken part in a Historical Fiction Writing competition. They wrote fantastic stories, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that we have a winner!

If you are able to support History at Northside in any way, please speak to me or the office.

Michaela Millwood

History Leader

Encouraging and Developing Vocabulary in History at Northside

VE Day Commemoration 



History Update

We started the Autumn term with Black History Month, which was a great success. The children took part in various workshops and activities that gave them opportunities to learn about significant individuals and celebrate the culture, achievements and contributions made to society.  Strong links were also made with the British Values, particularly tolerance and mutual respect.

As Remembrance Day this year marked its 100th year, the children were reminded of the impact of WW1 and engaged in tasks to mark such a historical event.

At Northside, History is central to our topics as we promote a creative curriculum, making strong and meaningful links with other areas of learning. It is our goal to ensure that the children receive a high-quality history education; gaining a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past and how it has influenced our lives today.

Read the curriculum map which outlines what is being taught in each year group over each term.We are very well resourced and use the Barnet Library Lending Service where we can order artefacts and quality texts. Such equipment, really stimulates the children’s interest, develops their historical understanding of concepts and encourages them to think critically; generating excellent inquiry based questions. An aim at Northside is to develop in all children, an understanding of time sequence and chronology. For that reason, I have ordered timelines for each classroom which marks thousands of years of human civilisation where they can compare and contrast such a vast period of human existence.

Over the following terms, we will be booking interactive workshops for the children to take part in. If you feel you can support this subject and contribute to the children’s learning in any way, please contact the office or speak to me.