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History at Northside


At Northside, History is central to our topics as we promote a creative curriculum, making strong and meaningful links with other areas of learning. It is our goal to ensure that the children receive a high-quality history education, gaining a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past and how it has influenced our lives today.  From the Romans to World War Two, from the Stone Age to the Space Race, from castles to the British Empire in India, virtually no stone is left unturned in our quest to learn about the past!

(Have a look at the curriculum map below which outlines what is being taught in each year group.)  At Northside, our study of history is enquiry-led, which means that we begin with a question and then work as historians to unearth the truth about the past, considering different viewpoints and interpretations along the way.  We encourage our children to think critically, to consider the reliability of sources and come to sensible conclusions. We are very well resourced and use the Barnet Library Lending Service where we can order artefacts and quality texts. 


If you feel you can support this subject and contribute to the children’s learning in any way, please contact the office.