Northside Primary School


Welcome to Northside Primary School



The aims of Mathematics teaching throughout Northside are for pupils to enjoy mathematics, be successful and have a positive attitude to the subject. It is also important for children to understand where mathematics fits into other subjects such as Science and ultimately, our everyday life.

It is vital that Northside pupils to develop a conceptual understanding of basic mathematical concepts through using manipulatives in order for them to have the ability to calculate successfully.

Lessons are carefully designed to incorporate the key skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Northside pupils are taught to develop their fluency skills by recalling and applying key facts. Maths activities encourage the children to reason using the correct mathematical language and solve problems logically using their mathematical knowledge.



Key Principles of Teaching and Learning

Our teaching and learning strategy is based on the White Rose Maths Hub Schemes of learning, available at and Development Matters 2021. 

However at Northside we teach in a cross curricular way and expect to see maths links to topics and real life as and when appropriate.


The objectives within the school are to ensure that all pupils:

      • follow a broad and balanced mathematics programme based on the requirements of the National Curriculum        
      • are provided with interesting and challenging tasks that enable them to achieve and exceed their potential.
      • can work both independently, with their learning partners & collaboratively in groups when making decisions about their work.
      • judge whether answers are reasonable and have strategies for checking them where necessary
      • explain methods and reasoning using correct mathematical vocabulary
      • explore features of shape and space
      • make sensible estimates and accurately measure using a range of equipment
      • interpret & explain graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.


Our pupils should:


      • have a sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system
      • learn by heart number facts such as number bonds, multiplication tables, doubles and halves
      • calculate accurately & efficiently, both mentally and with pencil & paper, using a range of calculation strategies
      • make sense of number problems and recognise the operations needed to solve them
      • understand which method would be most efficient to use and decide how they will use that method according to the problem that they are solving