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Attendance and Punctuality Information



The school gates open at 8.35am; a member of staff is on duty in the playground. All children should be in the playground by 8.55am when the school day starts where they are collected by their class teacher.


If your child arrives after 8.55am they must go to the school office and inform a member of the office staff why they are late.


If your child is unwell or has a medical appointment please leave a clear message on the school absence line before 8.55am, stating your child’s full name, class and the reason for their absence.


We have an Education Welfare Officer for the school who visits our school every half term and works to identify pupils whose attendance is below the school target of 98%. They will then work with the family and child so they can raise their attendance and achieve their full potential.


Children have the best chance of success if their school attendance is 98% or higher. Children who attend school regularly and on time are more likely to keep up with school work, develop good habits and important life skills and maintain friendships.


  • Arriving late to school is very unsettling for children as well as the class teacher. They miss the important start to lessons if they arrive late. Punctuality is a very important life skill to have and it is essential that children learn to be on time at an early age.


  • Absences will not be authorised unless there is a satisfactory explanation from parents that has been accepted by the Headteacher. The Headteacher is only able to authorise a requested absence in exceptional circumstances.


  • Religious observance days will always be authorised, but the Headteacher is only able to authorise the official religious day(s).


  • Holidays during term time will NOT be authorised by the Headteacher and will be unauthorised if taken.


  • Medical appointments are advised to be made after school or in the school holidays. We understand some children have emergency appointments and are under hospital care. These appointments are sometimes unavoidable so we would support and understand these absences.


All our lessons build on the day before so if your child misses one day it is like a missing brick in a building. Build the strong foundations of your child’s education by ensuring that they are here every day!