Northside Primary School


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Who's Who

The Northside Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. Longworth Headteacher 
Vacancy Deputy Headteacher 
Mr. Harper Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Leader
Quality of Education Team
Mrs. Mulvihill-Ellis Leading Practitioner for Early Years and Key Stage One 
Miss Glancy Leading Practitioner for Key Stage Two
Mentoring Team
Mrs. Ng Lead SCITT Tutor
Miss Millwood Sports Premium Leader
Early Years Team 
Mrs. Mulvihill-Ellis Leading Practitioner
Miss Rapti Nursery Teacher - University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, Computer Science Lead
Mrs. Speight Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss Karageorgis Nursery Teaching Assistant
Ms. Matsu Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Mulivihill-Ellis Reception Teacher - University of Nottingham, Religious Education Lead
Mrs. Shah Reception Teaching Assistant
Key Stage One Team
Mrs. Mulvihill-Ellis Leading Practitioner
Mrs. Hyland Year 1 Teacher - University of Durham, Art/Design and Technology Lead
Mrs. Antonowicz Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Karageorgopoulou Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Millwood Year 2 Teacher -  University of York, Physical Education Lead
Mrs. Machlarz Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Key Stage Two Team
Miss Glancy Leading Practitioner
Mrs. Ng Year 3 Teacher - Queen's University, Science Lead
Miss Roddis Year 3 Trainee Teacher
Ms. Thomas Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss Greenhill Year 4 Teacher - Cardiff University, Humanities Lead
Ms. Tedeku Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss Maria Year 5 Teacher - The University of Edinburgh
Ms. McGuirk Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Miss Glancy Year 6 Teacher - University of Bristol, English lead
Mrs. Moore Year 6 Teaching Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs. Pavlou Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Teaching Support Team 
Mrs. Goldhill Music and French Teacher and Lead
Ms. Bennett Maths Teacher and Lead
Mr. Vassiliades Sports Coach
Mrs. Ellis EAL Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Gorasia Learning Mentor (maternity leave)
Mrs. Batt Family Support Worker
SEND Team 
Mr. Harper Inclusion Leader
Mrs. Kafka English Teacher
Mrs. Vacheva SALT Teaching Assistant and Learning Support Assistant
Miss Greene ELKAN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Kawathekar Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Sheth Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Angelova Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Zehra Learning Support Assistant
Ms. Mehradji Learning Support Assistant
Ms. Matsu Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Reeve Learning Support Assistant
Ms. Ramaj Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. Zaman Learning Support Assistant
Office Team
Miss Entwistle School Secretary
Mrs. Lonergan Admin. Assistant
Premises Team
Mrs. Parry  Caretaker
Lunchtime Team
Ms. Delgado Cook
Ms. Burnside Kitchen Assistant
Mrs. Parry  Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Tedeku Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Carson Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Karpasitis Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Ramaj Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Zeka Mealtime Supervisor
Mrs. Zaman Mealtime Supervisor