Northside Primary School


Welcome to Northside Primary School

Home School Agreement

Working with our pupils and parents is extremely important and below is our home school agreement which was written with the support of Parent Forum members.

Child’s Promise

I promise to;

· Come to school everyday and on time.

· Wear my school uniform with pride.

· Follow the Northside values.

· Work hard and try my best

· Be polite at all times

· Tell the safeguarding team if something is worrying me



Parents’ Pledge

I pledge to;

· Ensure that my child comes to school everyday and on time

· Ensure that my child wears the correct school uniform including P.E. kit.

· Follow and teach my child the Northside values

· Support my child's learning at home including reading daily

· Be supportive of Northside School and staff by attending parents’ consultations and participating in FON (Friends of Northside) events

·  Be polite at all times

· Tell the school if anything has changed in my child’s home-life



School’s Pact

We will;

· Keep your child safe and secure

· Ensure your child reaches their full learning potential

· Ensure that your child will be ‘Happy to Learn and Inspired to Flourish’

· Follow and promote the Northside values

· Have high expectations of all members of the Northside community

· Develop positive, strong parent partnerships

· Provide a stimulating, broad curriculum which is relevant to your children

· Be polite at all times

· Respond quickly and promptly to any concerns raised