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English Update

In English this half term we have been focusing on the teaching of reading and handwriting.


Reading is particularly important as it not only feeds into other subjects but it is an essential life skill. Previously we have taught reading in a carousel formation with groups doing different activities. Research has now shown that this system does not have as much impact on reading progress as whole class guided reading.  So from this half term we will be implementing whole class guided reading using our Terrific text to teach the reading skills of ERIC, explaining new vocabulary, retrieving information, interpreting information and choice made by the author.


We have introduced cursive handwriting across the school this half term, this is because it supports spelling, improves the speed and fluency of writing, stops reversal of letters, improves reading skills and is better for left-handed children as well.  Pen licences will be issued from Year 3 onwards and in Year 6 a few children will earn a fountain pen licence. Licences have been given to some Year 6 children already but hopefully by the end of the year all of the children in KS2 will have their pen licence. 


English Curriculum Map