Northside Primary School


Welcome to Northside Primary School

Attendance and Punctuality

At Northside Primary we want all our children to love coming to school and to be at school on time. Our current attendance target for all pupils is 98%. 


How you can help:

1. Ensure child comes into school every day even with a sniffle!

2. Good sleep and eating habits

3. Good routines (pack bags the night before)

4. Encourage and be positive about school with your child

5. Come and speak to us if you are having difficulties getting your child to school


If your child falls below the 98% target then there will be attendance procedures that we have in place which are as follows:



1. A call from our Inclusion Team

2. Child will be put on attendance report by our Inclusion Leader, Mrs. Mulvihill-Ellis, and will receive rewards for an improvement in attendance.

3. If it still does not improve after this then it will be passed to the headteacher

4. If after doing 1-3 there is still no improvement you will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer and could possibly incur a fine from the local authority.