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Mental Health

Mental Health

At Northside Primary School we believe that a child's positive mental health is vitally important to support their learning. Below are some useful links and ideas for you and your child.

For some children and young people, behavioural or emotional problems will resolve with time, while others will need professional support.

It can be difficult to know if there is something upsetting a child or young person, but there are ways to spot when something's wrong. Look out for: significant changes in behaviour, ongoing difficulty sleeping, withdrawing from social situations, not wanting to do things they usually like, self-harm or neglecting themselves.

Remember, everyone feels low, angry or anxious at times. But when these changes last for a long time or are significantly affecting them, it might be time to get professional help.

Evidence suggests there are 10 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing: of mental ill health 


  • Giving – Do things for others
  • Relating – Connect with people
  • Exercising – Take care of your body
  • Awareness – Live life mindfully
  • Trying out – Keep learning new things


  • Direction – Have goals to look forward to
  • Resilience – Find ways to bounce back
  • Emotions – Look for what’s good
  • Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are
  • Meaning – Be part of something bigger

Action for Happiness Month

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Public Health England's Guide to looking after your mental health.

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